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Periodontal Therapy

You need not lose your teeth to gum disease. With today’s treatment procedures, most teeth can be saved.
You may have periodontal disease and not realize it. This disease is the primary cause of the loss of teeth after 35. This inflammatory disease attacks the gums, bone and other supporting structures of the teeth. If caught in its early stages, however, periodontal disease can be reversed with proper care.

The gums of a normal, healthy tooth reach up snugly onto the enamel of the tooth, protecting the roots and bone structure. Periodontal disease damages the gums and reduces their ability to protect vulnerable areas.

Healthy gums are coral in color, firm and resilient.

Periodontal Disease, or simply gum disease, is the single most common cause of tooth loss in adults.


A comprehensive oral examination, including x-rays, is crucial to diagnosing periodontal disease. At that time, we will use a special instrument called a periodontal probe to measure the depth of the pocket between the tooth and the gum tissue. The pocket depth measurement, clinical examination and x-rays help us determine the precise location, extent and severity of gum disease.

The type of treatment you require depends on how advanced your particular case is. Fortunately, you don’t have to lose your teeth to gum disease. With today’s state-of-the-art treatment procedures, you can feel assured that most teeth can be saved.

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